About our Services

Our Intercultural Management services include:

  • Intercultural Awareness
    Critical awareness and key insights into the nature of culture and national cultural differences – how, where and when they impact business processes, expectations and behaviour.
  • Intercultural competence development
    Assess and develop your intercultural competences to increase your success in the international business arena.
  • Intercultural skills training
    Develop and fine-tune your international business skills. How to negotiate, present or lead effectively in a multi-cultural setting.
  • Country briefings
    In-depth exploration of the mind-set of specific national cultures. What makes them ‘tick’? How does this differ from your own culture? How can you approach and deal with the other culture appropriately and effectively, whilst retaining your identity?

Every skills training programme is tailor-made to your needs, requirements and context. All training can be delivered globally, to national or international groups, in Dutch or English.