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‘Culture clash’ or the acculturation process

Discover, prepare and equip yourself for the emotional and psychological process that always accompanies a move to live (and work) abroad. Essential guidance for both ex-pat and (non-working) partner who want to be ‘up and running’ quickly, effectively and comfortably in their host culture.

Culture specific briefings

Valuable insights into the values, assumptions, expectations and behaviour of the culture in which you will be living (and working). How does it differ from your own? How can you interact with the host culture appropriately and effectively, whilst retaining your own cultural identity?
The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC®)
A valid and reliable on-line self-assessment tool that measures the current level of development of your intercultural competences. Results in a personal report which contains insights and practical suggestions for further competence development. Serves as useful input for (expatriation) training or coaching.

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